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Group Photo of the Slate: Left to Right: 
Erica Sampson - black female with brown hair and glasses, white jacket and dark pants. 
Mary Geren - white woman with blonde hair, red blazer, dark shirt and pants
Brandon Upson - black male, glasses, blue suit, patterned tie
Melina Rodelo - Hispanic woman, dark hair, red blazer, white shirt, dark pants


We are running for SCDP Chair and Vice-Chairs in 2023. We are running to move South Carolina forward and we plan on doing it together. We need you on the team. Join us today. 

Pictured above in order:

Erica Sampson for 3rd Vice-Chair

Mary Geren for 1st Vice-Chair

Brandon Upson for Chair

Melina Rodelo for 2nd Vice-Chair

It is now more critical than ever for our South Carolina Democratic Party to unite, strategize, and fight back, because when Democrats lose, our most vulnerable communities are put in jeopardy. Republicans have defined us for far too long, now is our opportunity to reclaim our power and define what it truly means to be a South Carolina Democrat. To get the SCDP back into a winning posture, we will engage and empower young, millennial, and GenZ activists and get back to our grassroots. We must remember that all politics is local and build a political infrastructure to fight for every vote in every county. This is how we move forward together.


803-881-6DEM (6336)

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